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I'm a software engineer and programming teacher. I specialize in creating exceptional digital experiences, with a focus on accessibility and human-centered design at AzadChaiwala.

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Hi! I'm Arsal, a web developer who loves crafting digital experiences. My passion for web development began in 2012 when I started tinkering with custom Tumblr themes. Little did I know, it was the beginning of my journey to master HTML & CSS!

I’ve been fortunate to work at an ad agency, start-up, corporation, and design studio. My focus now is building inclusive products at Hostcry for various clients.

I recently launched a course on building mobile apps with React Native. The course is available on Azad Chaiwala's YouTube channel, which has over 1 million subscribers.




  React Native






Where Have I Worked!

AzadChaiwala -
  Full Stack Web developer

For the past 3 years, I have worked at Azad Chaiwala, contributing to successful projects such as gomarry.com, secondwife.com, and poligamy.com. At azadchaiwala.com, I developed a PHP MVC-based CMS, I delivered quality results. Recently, I launched a comprehensive React Native mobile app development course on Azad Chaiwala's YouTube channel, which has over 1 million subscribers.

Hostcry -

I founded hostcry.com, a domain registration and hosting company, and scaled it to over 500 clients as a single-person company. During this time, I learned how to balance technical and business responsibilities, optimize customer acquisition and retention, and build scalable infrastructure. I also developed my skills in web development, server administration, and marketing. Through this experience, I gained valuable insights into entrepreneurship and learned how to navigate the challenges of building and growing a successful startup.

Some Things I Have Built!

Other Noteworthy Projects

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Ecommerce in PHP

This eCommerce website is powered by Bootstrap, JavaScript, Core PHP, and MySQL.

Core PHP JavaScript MySQL

Inventory Management System

This Inventory Management System Was built in Laravel

Laravel Bootstrap MySQL

React Native Weather App

Weather App Built in React Native. Built it for my students in my course

React Native JavaScript API

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